The case for cutting meat consumption has never been more compelling. Yet we remain stubbornly addicted to big protein hits in animal form. Could that be about to change?

This article titled “Is it time we all gave up meat?” was written by Felicity Lawrence, for The Guardian on Friday 9th September 2011 23.05 UTC

If you share the typical British appetite, you will have worked your way through more than 1.5kg of meat this week as part of your annual 80kg quota of flesh-eating. That leaves you behind your typical American counterpart – working his or her way to 125kg a year – but still near the top of the international league of carnivores.

The case for cutting our meat consumption has long been a compelling one from whichever perspective you look at it – human health, environmental good, animal welfare, fair distribution of planetary resources. But it has never been a popular idea. The number of people in this country claiming to be vegetarian or partly vegetarian has stayed stable over the last decade, at around 4.8m. We remain culturally programmed to desire big protein hits in animal form. But could that be about to change?

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