Like This Real-Life Facebook Like Button

Like This Real-Life Facebook Like Button

That little 'thumbs up' is an ever-present part of the web, now artist Mario Klingemann has taken it offline.

Kyana Gordon
  • 2 september 2011

Munich based artist, Mario Klingemann, modeled the interactive ‘Like This’ box after the ubiquitous, virtual Facebook Like button seen all over the Internet. Klingemann’s version, however, is powered by the open source, Arduino software to record the number of passersby who press the button. The artist explains:

It is not connected to Facebook since for obvious reasons it is not possible to register a “like” for another person without being logged in. Only the button design has been borrowed since it is such a cultural icon already and most people will immediately understand how to use it.

The project will be on display at the Ultra Social exhibition as part of Munich’s Urban Arts and Media Organization Festival. Needless to say, showing your support for the project will be really easy.

Mario Klingemann



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