Mightybell Offers A DIY Tool To Create Experiences, Learn New Behaviors

Mightybell Offers A DIY Tool To Create Experiences, Learn New Behaviors

The metrics captured by the application will benefit individual tracking of personal progress, and well as inform guide creators of how users are progressing with their guided steps.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 12 september 2011

What motivates you to adopt a new behavior? There is a growing slew of applications that aim to help you better understand and monitor your behaviors by tracking them — from happiness measurement applications, to Nick Felton’s personal behavior-tracking iPhone app  to Lift (which helps you ‘unlock human potential’), developers have seized the opportunity to facilitate how technology can best help you track and understand your behaviors, and offer you the ability to change them.

A most recent entrant to this category is Mightybell, a web and iOS app that invites you to ‘think big, act incrementally.’ The app is intended for anyone that wants to ‘create an experience’ – or accomplish something. That accomplishment could be learning to do something new, plan a trip, etc. The actions required to accomplish each ‘experience’ will be outlined as a series of Steps, contributed by guide content creators – for instance, ‘how to pack your bike like a Team Garmin-Cervelo pro mechanic.’

The app will initially focus on building a base of creators who will submit content and guides for others to experience and learn from. Content creators can add photos, videos, times and locations – while Mightybell encourages that specs be measurable. On that note, Mightybell will also offer tools for creators to analyze how people use their guides and track progress. Metrics will include conversation rates from properties like Facebook and Twitter – as well an engagement measures.

Mightybell will open the door for monetization by allowing guide creators to charge between $2 and $1,000 for use of their guides (depending on the complexity of the tasks or lesson, we presume) – and will take a 25% cut of those revenues. During the current beta test, they will also allow creators who want to try the product now to pay $1. Users that want to browse experiences created during beta can do so for free.

Our attention was caught by this application for the opportunity it presents for behavior modification and adoption – whether it’s learning a new behavior, developing a new experience, or replacing a bad habit. We believe applications present the opportunity for individuals to employ a DIY approach to monitor and alter their personal behavior. We’ll be curious to see if adoption of Mightybell matches its potential.


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