The sub-genre Narco Cinema produces low-budget action movies which reflect daily events in Mexico.

Before going through the series of winners of World Press Photo, I had never heard of narco cinema. But then again each time I’ve discovered a cinematographic (sub)genre recently it was thanks to photography. In late 2009, I found about Nollywood cinema through Pieter Hugo‘s work. This year Fabio Cuttica brought me to Narco Cinema.

The name says it all. Narco cinema churns out low-budget, action-filled B-movies that star drug dealers, corrupt cops and politicians, strippers, explosions, blood baths but also plenty of trucks and those vehicles that are twice the size of my flat. Although they are fictional, the films mirror and glamorize the stories of the real battles that oppose police vs. narcos or drug cartels vs other drug cartels. The more brutal the real conflicts get, the more violent the scenarios of narco movies.

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