A Netflix system error accidentally forces users to only stream one movie at a time, but will this be a permanent situation?

Today, when users tried streaming two movies on Netflix simultaneously, they were presented with an error message:

There are 1 movie(s) being watched, which is the limit for your membership. Please stop playing at least one movie and try again later. Visit netflix.com/help for assistance.

Although a Netflix representative responded to Mashable that this issue is only a system error, it has unfortunately opened a Pandora’s box with wave of people expressing their outrage. Comments mainly included discontent over Netflix’s recent price hike but a decrease in performance and service, such as how often new films are actually offered in their library. Nevertheless, there are supporters who agree that a Netflix account should only allow the user to stream one movie at a time, and if the user wants to stream more than one, then he/she can sign up for another account.

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