New Book By Mother London Brings The Alphabet To Life

New Book By Mother London Brings The Alphabet To Life

Operation Alphabet created by the ad agency, is an interactive way for kids to learn, and part of a larger agency publishing project.

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  • 19 september 2011

Operation Alphabet aims to bring the alphabet to life for kids. Using voice-activation technology, the book enables kids to ask questions and deepen their interactivity with the letters to create a more enjoyable and entertaining experience. It was written by Al MacCuish and Art Directed by Jim Bletsas, both of whom are employees at Mother. According to company partner, Andy Medd:

Mother is essentially a creative brand and there seems nothing more appropriate than our role in nurturing this project in particular. Publishing is an area we have been interested in for some time, and this launch represents another step into an exciting new space for us.

Mother, a London-based ad agency, has created The Ministry of Letters as its latest IP project. Operation Alphabet, which is illustrated by Luciano Lozano is but one execution in a larger project where the agency will create a body of literature, various applications, and other products based around bringing the alphabet to life. In fact, they’re touring the project on a schools road show that will feature children education specialist Samantha Marrian.

The book will be available for under $15.00 on Amazon with a plan to spread from the U.K. to the U.S., Germany, and Poland, and then globally.

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