A new wire-free software can analyse subtle facial cues to analyze if a subject is lying.

Scientists at Bradford and Aberystwyth Universities in the UK have unveiled a ‘real-time dynamic passive profiling’ system. The software is able to pickup and analyse subtle cues such as breathing and eye movement to accurately predict when a subject is lying. Unlike traditional polygraphs (better known as lie detectors), these passive profiling system don’t require the subject to be hooked up to any devices and can be used without the subject even knowing.

The technology simply films the subject and can pick up on common body language that indicates that the subject is lying, for example, nose twitching, subtle changes in breathing or small changes in facial temperature. So far, it’s 70 per cent accurate but researchers expect it to soon reach 90 per cent accuracy level. It’s planned to be tested at the UK airport but no set dates or process have been confirmed.

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