The print giant debuted India Ink, their new English-language website devoted to Indian culture, news, sports, politics.

The New York Times has launched India Ink, an English-language website offering news and analysis about Indian politics, culture, business, sports and lifestyle. And it's free to access, initially at least.

Edited by the New York Times in India and the International Herald Tribune in Hong Kong, the venture is headed by Heather Timmons, who has covered business in India for the NYT for the last four years.

Among the contributors – aside from NYT staffers – will be Sonia Faleiro, author of Beautiful Thing, the book that exposed Mumbai's infamous dance bars; literary critic and columnist Nilanjana S. Roy; sociologist Dipankar Gupta on economics; and authors Sidin Vadukut, Samanth Subramanian and Anupama Chopra.

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