Ninian Doff’s Professional Display Of 50 No Handed Bike Moves [Video]


The director presents a funny video of men and women showcasing their bike riding skills.

Emma Hutchings
  • 29 september 2011

Director Ninian Doff and a team of ‘stunt men and women’ provide a display of the different moves you can perform while riding a bike with no hands on the handlebar.

This video shows fifty moves (said to be approved by the Official Federation of No Handed Bike Skills), performed to the song ‘Golden Tree’ by Martin Brooks. They include ‘the Archer,’ ‘the Approaching Squid,’ ‘the Zombie,’ ‘the Oscar Acceptance Speech’ and ‘the Nasty Internet Commenter.’ You can check out the video below:

“Golden Tree” by Martin Brooks from Ninian Doff on Vimeo.

Ninian Doff

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