Old Spice channels a less purely masculine image, but still manages to send a funny yet convincing message to male consumers.

The masculine brand Old Spice is often associated with bulky, beefy, and hunky men, like model Fabio and Isaiah Mustafa, also known as the Old Spice Guy. Now, thanks to a new campaign led by Wieden + Kennedy, Old Spice models are now a little closer to home – or at least the not-so-beefy Average Joe.

A new series of Old Spice TV and print ads won’t be featuring rock-hard abs and deep sexy voices anymore. Instead, they will be adding a more comical twist by featuring simple-looking guys like a sea captain, rock star, and even a jet pilot billionaire. Though these fellows might not actually represent the general population of Average Joes, they still offer that quirky edge that tickles the fancy of the Old Spice-buying populace. The ad director, Tom Kuntz simply states that in his commercial concept, Old Spice can transform these silly guys into manly men.

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