2109 is the predicted year that equal pay between sexes will be achieved. What else will have happened by then?

This article titled “2109: a life of equality – but no polar bears” was written by Duncan Graham-Rowe, for The Guardian on Wednesday 31st August 2011 19.30 UTC

What kind of world is it that ensures that women are paid the same as men? One very different from our own, it seems. The Chartered Management Institute reckons it will take 98 years for us to reach pay parity – by which time our planet looks set to undergo some radical changes.

Robots should finally be smart enough to liberate us from mundane chores – and space tourism will be old news, as will planetary exploration. Instead we will begin reaching out beyond our solar system to neighbouring stars, using millions of tiny nanoships to scout for suitable planets, and giant solar sails to carry us there. And we will use clean nuclear fusion to meet all our energy needs. At least that's according to futurologist Michio Kaku, whose book Physics of the Future attempts to predict what our world will look like a century from now.

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