PurpleList experts sound off on what is or would be their operating systems of choice, and why.

PSFK recently asked our global network of experts on The PurpleList for their opinions on new operating systems. With the upcoming Windows 8 and the existing Mac OS Lion competing for users, we wanted to know what factors played into people’s choices on mobile, desktop, and laptop operating systems. Here are some of the best replies:

Trent Bigelow: Having relied on Mac OS, Windows (in all its flavors), and even a few varieties of Linux, I have to say that the portable that excites me the most today for working and playing in a global environment is the flexibility offered by upcoming Android tablets. I believe we’ll be seeing these tablets not just be the playthings of students, but beginning to augment professionals laptops. Personally, it’s quite liberating to set a tablet on the table and sit side by side looking at as if it were a sheet of paper, going over it together. You nearly forget it’s a computer.

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