PSFK Asks The Purple List, What Is Your Go-To Social Network, Facebook or Google+?

PSFK Asks The Purple List, What Is Your Go-To Social Network, Facebook or Google+?

PSFK asks our PurpleList members whether they prefer Facebook or Google+.

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 27 september 2011

Social media sites have become more numerous and competition for users has become fierce, but Facebook and newcomer Google+ continue to dominate the scene for that style of service. PSFK wanted to know which service was more popular and why, so we asked our global network of experts on The PurpleList.

Ged Carroll: Neither. Facebook offends the eye with its pure user experience, and aims to be everything whilst actually being nothing more than a poor event planning tool. Google+ doesn’t have enough of my network on there to be useful yet, but it’s design is very interesting. I use Twitter, Sina Weibo and LinkedIn.


Angelique Raina: Completely different services, with completely different problems too. This makes it difficult to prefer one over the other.

Google + has a very often quoted problem of  “nobody’s there!” and with Facebook being the opposite “anyone can see anything, if they’re smart enough.”

I think I would prefer Google+ if my immediate social circle and family members were on the platform, otherwise sadly it is Facebook.


Nishad Ramachandran: While the world at large thinks that Google+ was built to compete against Facebook, I think they could be two completely different things. Like what Steve Jobs has often said, if you ask people their views about something, they will contextualize it with another thing they are familiar with. So G+ gets compared to FB, when they could actually be two completely different things.

I have a G+ account that I have used often, but most of my non-geeky friends are on FB. So if I have to be part of the wider conversation, I have to be active on Facebook more than on G+ at the moment.

David Armano wrote about how G+ is going to be a social layer and not a social network and I see this happening in some places already. Like being able to create Hangouts while watching YouTube. So there are some unique things that G+ has and they may evolve to become big when the wider world is able to have access to it.


Trudee Lunden: Just like Myspace once ruled the online social media world, the key to staying in the game is keeping it simple offering a niche value. For now Facebook is the leader; I actually prefer LinkedIn for building my professional network and dedicate the most “social” time there for business purposes. In the music industry there are SO many digital marketing tools that it’s all sometimes a bit overwhelming.

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