Can the analogies we craft to guide our strategies and design lead us to extraordinary visions and great intentions or simply to unmet consumer expectations?

A recent post at anthrostrategist explores the notion of mythology as a metaphor for shopping, in which the epic journey to discover faraway lands — and return with treasures — can offer a parallel to the experience of shopping today. According to anthrostrategist;

In a world stripped of rites of passage, where we no longer move through the cycle of separation, initiation and return, where the daily expression of the journey of discovery is almost null, shopping becomes a surrogate for the search for meaning. It is by no means the only expression of it, of course, but it is a defining element of who we are, whether we are engaged in it or reacting to and rejecting it.  Consumption and the act of shopping have become a postmodern replacement for the lessons learned through folktales and through myths.

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