Ricky Gervais Podcast Gets Animated

Ricky Gervais Podcast Gets Animated

HBO will continue to animate The Ricky Gervais Show podcasts, which have been downloaded almost 18 million times already, making it the most downloaded podcast in the world.

Anna Brillon
  • 13 september 2011

Due to the large success of the television series, HBO has announced that it would continue to show the third animated series of The Ricky Gervais Show. The Ricky Gervais Show is the most downloaded podcast in the world according to Guinness Book of Records. To date, the podcasts have been downloaded nearly 18 million times. In 2010, the popular podcasts were made into an animated mini-series that debuted on HBO in the U.S. and Channel 4 in the U.K.

The animated series use the original recording of Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington. Each show is unscripted and talks about anything from headline news, trending topics to controversial banters. There are also recurring short segments such as Monkey News, Rockbusters, Fan Mail and Karl’s Diary.

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