Rooftop Gardening Workshops At Your Local Grocery Store

Rooftop Gardening Workshops At Your Local Grocery Store

The Big Carrot grocery store in Canada will be running gardening seminars for its customers.

Yi Chen
  • 5 september 2011

A grocery store in Toronto, Canada, has converted its rooftop into a gardening workshop. The Green Roof workshop is organised by The Big Carrot, a Canadian supermarket that specializes in organic, GMO-free and environmentally safe products.  The workshops are aimed at urban dwellers and include how to winter-proof an urban garden and the benefits of using non-toxic household products. The Big Carrot websites cajoles:

Let’s make urban gardening fun! Join us catching the last rays of the summer sun on the brand new Green Roof on top of the Big Carrot. Our host, Zora Ignjatovic will guide you through the hows-and-whats or preserving your gar dent through winder, and sheds light on mysteries like vertical gardening and growing tomatoes in a concrete parking lot.

Along with gardening workshops, The Big Carrot also runs cooking classes that teaches customers on how to cook healthy and delicious meals.

The Big Carrot 

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