A millenial's thought's on the culture of consuming luxury products propagated by certain musical artists.

I realise the older we become the more we desire. I'm all over a bit of Prada on my feet and LV around my waist as it's natural to crave the finer things in life, however when something you're fond of becomes almost compulsory to attain, for not only your crowd but the majority of your generation, it enlightens you to how naive we as youths can be…

I feel the music industry is the main culprit behind youths such as myself becoming consumed by materialism. Visual media and it's connotations behind the artist's image has become the most predominant factor of today's youth ‘swagger'. One of my fav rappers Loso (aka Fabolous) states “Handbag on her arm cost four bills and she ain't gotta bag borrow or steal”. Instantly the price of that bag has led me to envisage an image of dominance, a powerful and independent woman whom instantly I aspire to be. I have therefore made it my goal to achieve such dominance via ownership of that bag (the bag representing materialism).

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