Search Through Your Social Networks To Find Better Answers

Search Through Your Social Networks To Find Better Answers

Cliq allows you to search through what friends and other people have to say about a certain restaurant, business or brand with its social search website tool.

Yi Chen
  • 23 september 2011

With more and more consumers posting reviews, feedback and insights via social media, it was only a matter of time for a ‘social knowledge engine’ like Cliq to appear. Cliq is search engine that specifically retrieves, organizes and analyzes data from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. It aims to provide consumers with honest answers and real opinions. Cliq is also able to index data from your profile and see how ‘connected’ your friends are with restaurants, businesses and brands.

Currently, Cliq is in Alpha mode where you can only search for restaurants located in the U.S. You can type in a specific restaurant, like Nobu at Miami Beach, the Starbucks on 300 East 9th St. in L.A., or you can search with descriptions like ‘expensive restaurant in New York’ or ‘nice bar to go to on a first date.’ Cliq will automatically bring up information such as how many ‘likes’ the restaurant has on Facebook, how many people have checked into it on Foursquare and the recent buzz it has received.

The Philadelphia-based start-up company explains:

Cliq’s goal is to convert the vast amount of social data into personalized social knowledge that each person can tap at any time, to improve his or her decision making process.

Cliq from Cliq on Vimeo.


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