Second Shot Photo Report: PSFK At The Red Piano Bar International Cabernet Day

Second Shot Photo Report: PSFK At The Red Piano Bar International Cabernet Day
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PSFK visits a Cabernet-exclusive wine tasting in a classic Chicago haunt to learn about the different flavors of the bold red.

Len Kendall
  • 8 september 2011

The Redhead Piano Bar is an alluring little anachronism that exists in Chicago on 16 W. Ontaria Street. Most of the ‘trendy’ beverage servers in the city seem to reside along the west side, but Redhead is an establishment that still benefits those who want to go for a classic drink while remaining downtown. Inside, the decor takes you back a simpler time when drinks could be paired with a live piano player taking requests, and not his DJ equivalent.

Thursday September 2nd marked International Cabernet Day. One of those wonderful ‘made-up’ holidays that people are more likely to celebrate than the real kind. Redhead was kind enough to host a Chicago tasting for the day which featured Cabernets from across the world and some sharp sommeliers who were thrilled to share the stories behind the wines they were pouring.

One might think that tasting only one type of wine would become a bit boring, but the range in flavors was fortunately quite varied. (The unofficial crowd favorite was a Cabernet from Chile). And as many non-wine- connoisseurs discovered, that tasting multiple kinds of the same time quickly helps you become more proficient at detecting the subtle differences between them.

This particular evening was an extremely hot and humid one in Chicago. Though the city will surely miss these types of days once the angry cold winds of Canada hit the city in the winter, it was nice to catch-up with friends, stare at the hundreds of vintage photos on walls, and enjoy a variety of Cabernets in the cool comforts of the basement-level bar.

The Redhead Piano Bar
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