Shedding Light On Solar Panel Myths

Shedding Light On Solar Panel Myths
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One Block Off The Grid is a solar power advocate and information website debunking solar energy myths.

Preetam Kaushik
  • 29 september 2011

Even those who are willing to switch to solar panels are wary of doing so because of the high costs and a lack of education about how the panels work. Solar energy advocacy site One Block Off The Grid aims to fix this by providing information to disprove these myths. For example, many believe that solar panels need to face south to work. While south facing panels will generate more electricity, east and west facing panels too can cut down your power bill, according to the site. Furthermore, as solar panels use light and not heat, they can generate power even in cold weather. In fact, they perform better in cold conditions. As solar panels become more popular and are further developed, new panel designs could provide power even on cloudy days.

Check out One Block Off The Grid for a wealth of information on solar panels, and see if there’s a group discount available in your area.

One Block Off The Grid

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