Always a humble star, the pop songstress can teach us a few lessons about how to create a positive public image.

Taylor Swift is an excellent example of how humility can lead to success. She’s genuine. She connects and relates to her audience through her own experiences. She’s inoffensive, but above all, she’s humble. Almost too humble at times—check out her reactions to winning her numerous awards. Steady Taylor. Don’t lose your sincerity or everything might change.

Today she’s the queen of humility, and it’s working. She’s sold 16 million albums worldwide on the back of her openness, honesty and relatability through her songwriting. But Taylor needs to stay true to herself and her fans as her career progresses. She broke the mold as the first real superstar who came to notoriety through the social network revolution. She’s a poster child for millions, and for the new music business model. She wears her young heart on her sleeve and exposes her feelings in everything she does. And now, through her values and personality, she is a true, purposeful and extremely recognizable brand.

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