The Sound Tank Is An Assault On The Senses

The Sound Tank Is An Assault On The Senses

An artist and musician designed the a new hybrid of sound technology to further expand on his research into creating certain types of aural stimuli.

Dylan Schenker
  • 20 september 2011

The Sound Tank takes the phrase aural assault to a whole other level. Artist and musician Nik Nowak purchased a Japanese mini-dumper from an Internet auction in 2008. He dismantled it and rebuilt it from the ground up into a sleek, geometric hulking white behemoth. The body of the vehicle raises up vertically to better project its wall of sound. Nowak built the machine with consideration for specific acoustic parameters. The audio components are deliberately placed to maintain the desired frequencies. They are comprised of six 12-inch mid-range drivers, three 18-inch subwoofers and four tweeters.

The concept for the Sound Tank was born out of Nowak’s original studies of music playing with frequencies that were below human’s ability to hear. He wanted to ‘integrate a psycho-acoustic level into the compositions.’ Following this line of thinking he discovered that to achieve certain types of sounds he had to build very specific sound systems. Thus, he built the Sound Tank with these ideas in mind. The result is a space-agey land rover that looks less like a sound system and more like some kind of futuristic sonic weapon.

The music that emanates from the speakers in the video sound very low and bass-y, hanging in the air ominously. It sounds as if the tank is growling. The Tank actually drives too, being able to bring its atmospheric music to any location.

[via Design Spotter]

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