LG's PenTouch TV has the same usage capabilities as a tablet, allowing users to draw and interact on the glass panel screen using a specially designed stylus pen.

LG has unveiled their PenTouch plasma HDTV at the 2011 IFA. The series would allow consumers to draw and interact with the screen using a wireless stylus pen, converting the TV into a large tablet. Users can hook up a laptop or computer to the PenTouch TV and use the touchscreen features to manage the images or use the built-in software to edit the photos. Stephen Gater, consumer electronics marketing director at LG UK, stated:

We’re all used to touchscreens being available on our phones and even tablets now, but LG is one of the first to be offering this technology on large TV screens. We believe that the PenTouch technology offers families a whole new interactive home entertainment experience and provides a powerful educational tool too.

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