Track & Visualize Music Tours With Google Mashup Map

Track & Visualize Music Tours With Google Mashup Map

A new service lets you see where all your favorite bands are playing globally at the same time.

Yi Chen
  • 5 september 2011

Now you can track and see when and where a certain artist is performing on Google’s mashup map. Ghostly Live Map pinpoints the live acts on an interactive Google world map. You can click on the points to bring up a small profile of the artist and also details of the venue. Finding where your artist is playing is much easier on a visual map, rather than having to scroll through a list of tour dates and venues.

Ghostly International is a ‘multi-platform cultural curator’ and a record label. Currently, the Ghostly Live Map only allows you to see artists which they have signed on, including Gold Panda, Tycho, Mark E and The Sight Below.

Ghostly Live Map

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