In Brief

The content hosting site has had exponential growth since it began and the company is looking into expanding and getting more funding.

Tumblr, the 10th largest social networking platform, has reached 10 billion posts since its launch in 2007. Both traffic and post count have skyrocketed thanks to the site’s features and usability. Last year, Tumblr hit its 7 millionth post, and since then, the network has more than ten-times that number. Traffic numbers are at 13 billion page views per month, up from 1.5 billion last year. Analytics show that Tumblr currently receives 37.5 million posts per day, translating to 434 posts per second. Despite the major growth, Tumblr’s small-scale team and office are struggling to keep up. The company is looking to expand and conduct a massive round of funding that will eventually value it at $1 billion.

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