Unique Home Furniture Handmade From Recycled Rubber [Pics]

Unique Home Furniture Handmade From Recycled Rubber [Pics]

A group of Moroccan and French environmentalists are turning recycled rubber into interesting pieces of eco-friendly furniture and home products.

Yi Chen
  • 20 september 2011

Contrast City is a green project started by a group of environmentalists in Morocco with the help of a French fair trade group. The project aims to emphasize the mantra ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ by turning rubber waste into beautiful furniture and home products. Each piece has been handmade, from collecting the rubber waste around the city, to weaving the rubber threads and assembling the finished product.

It’s been estimated that U.S. alone generates over 300 million scrap tires annually. Although a bulk of these are recycled and reused, there are still 60 million scrap tires in landfills that pose great environmental and health threats.

Flavorwire: Contrast City Turns Rubber Waste into Beautiful Home Furnishings

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