Vinyl Album Covers Superimposed On France [Pics]

Vinyl Album Covers Superimposed On France [Pics]

A French radio station comes up with a fun and quirky ad campaign that blends album covers with reality.

Yi Chen
  • 29 september 2011

Oui FM, a French radio station, has rolled out a creative campaign to announce their expansion to a wider audience in France. In these print ads, it features a hand holding up a vinyl album cover in front of a real-life scene. The art in the album cover blends seamlessly with the background. The Beach Boys are superimposed against a beach surrounding in Boulogne Sur Mer. The Ramones are hanging outside a building in Dunkerque. While James Brown sits on a park bench in Creil. The tagline for each ad is ‘Rock is here to change your life.’

The print campaign was created by ad agency Leg Sur and the photos were taken by French photographer, Matthieu Raffard.

Oui FM


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