Welcome To CCUK Airport

Welcome To CCUK Airport

New airport security measures require travelers to have their photo taken multiple times while moving through security and baggage check. But are these measures overkill or effective?

Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 7 september 2011

When you arrive at an airport in the UK, whether its for a domestic or an international flight, your photo gets taken by security. When we recently flew from London Heathrow to Newcastle, they took the photos of me, my wife and two children in the area where they normally check your boarding tickets. When we landed on a flight from Newcastle to London Gatwick we had to get our photo taken before we could get past the gate to collect our luggage and we were each given a barcoded sticker. After we collected our luggage we from baggage claim we stopped at a desk and the representative checked our photos.

Why? Is this security gone mad or is there some worry that in between landing and exit we are going to get up to something sinister? I feel that this front line tactic just annoys the traveler and there must be better background checks and monitoring that doesn’t interfere further with the declining quality of air travel.

Image via Alien Spouse.

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