Stylepark critiques contemporary automobile design and the business and marketing forces that are influencing it.

With the opening of the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show only a few days away, Stylepark has recently created a survey of what they feel is contributing to the current state of car design. Called the Ten Hypotheses On Automobile Design, the list is a critique on the mostly outside influences that designers are having to merge with their creative process.

Automobile design today depends on engineering achievements, technological innovation and marketing far more than is the case in other fields of product or industrial design. Bowing down to the diktat of the feasible has robbed it of its courage and autonomy. The result is a glaring lack of originality. Even when new engines are introduced, the models still look pretty much the same. Where new technologies such as electric drives would enable completely new vehicle concepts, the designers lack the will or persuasive ideas to dare to do something surprising. Likewise automobile design needs more liberties and greater self-confidence.

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