What Sets Typographers Apart

What Sets Typographers Apart

A short film from PBS Arts showcases the beauty of typography through the eyes of artists.

Anna Brillon
  • 13 september 2011

PBS Arts is a channel dedicated to inspiring creativity and arts appreciation among its community of viewers. One of its recent projects is a short film on typography entitled, ‘Type’ from its ‘Off Book’ series. PBS Arts summed up the art of typography through the words of artists, and how they view their craft as strikingly different from the rest. If to most people, typography just means letters, to typographers and typeface designers, it’s how words and their images relate to one another to send a strong and lasting message to its readers and viewers.

Some of the elements of typography featured in the PBS Arts film include the use of texture, dynamics, the tools of the trade, the use of infographics, and more.

PBS Arts


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