Which Month Of The Year Do You Spend The Most? [Infographic]

Which Month Of The Year Do You Spend The Most? [Infographic]

Which month are you more lavish with your spending and which more frugal? Check out this infographic to see a breakdown of average expenditure

Yi Chen
  • 14 september 2011

Shopping site, Milo, has created a useful infographic that details how consumers are spending their money month-by-month over the course of one year. Overall, consumers spent more in 2010 compared to the previous year. This isn’t surprising as consumer confidence slowly bounced back after being affected by the global financial crisis in 2008. What is interesting is that the most ‘lavish’ month for consumers is in March, whereas the most ‘frugal’ month is in January. December is an all-rounder favorable month when it comes to consumer spending in retail, health and personal care, food and beverage and also electronics.

Milo: A Year in the Wallet

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