Regine Debatty interviews artist, illustrator, and art director Genevieve Gauckler, about a new exhibition at MU in Eindhoven.

Geneviève Gauckler, Food Chain

Last week, I talked with Joshua Ben Longo about his work as a character artist and designer. It was my first post in a series that brings the spotlight on Pictoplasma, an international platform that showcases the work of illustrators, animation makers, graphic designers, street artists, fine artists, fashion designers who explore ‘character-driven aesthetics.'

This week I'm interviewing French artist, illustrator and art director Geneviève Gauckler. My first encounter with her work was quite a shock. All over French magazines and on billboards in the streets of Paris were these ads staring black little characters sitting on eye shadows, inspecting nail colours, gushing over the beauty of the model's complexion or, as in the image below, campaigning for the right to have clump-free lashes. It was a shock because I had no idea you could use humour to sell beauty products.

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