Steve Jobs Introduces The First Macintosh Computer [Video]

Steve Jobs Introduces The First Macintosh Computer [Video]

Watch a lost-until-now video of the debut of the first Macintosh product that would start the journey to the iPhone 4S.

Plus Aziz
  • 8 october 2011

In 1984, Steve Jobs presented the first Macintosh to a bewildered audience. The video seems more amazing now than ever. No one person has impacted the future of technology and numerous other industries as completely. We all feel close to him because, for many of us, the products he created help us work better, and are essential to our daily lives.

Watching this video, you will feel the audience’s excitement as Steve Jobs inserts the floppy disk, and it feels like they are cheering in a small room, not an auditorium. The computer goes on to displays the visual power of his innovation; this was the defining moment in history that would begin to establish Apple as a creative, industry bending brand.

What are your reflections looking at this presentation today? What are your thoughts on how Steve Jobs has impacted the evolution of technology?


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