200 Feet Under: An Underground Skyscraper [Pics]

200 Feet Under: An Underground Skyscraper [Pics]

An architectural concept for Mexico City is a new skyscraper that burrows underground rather than reach for the sky.

Yi Chen
  • 5 october 2011

The Earthscraper is a new concept skyscraper designed to be built in Mexico City. However, unlike other tall skyscrapers, this one will be built underground and will be virtually undetectable on the surface. The inverted pyramid-shaped building will be composed of different layers, with the top covered in glass that allows for natural lighting.

The 200-foot Earthscraper is designed by BNKR Arquitectura and the ideal site for the architecture will be the main square of Mexico City, known as Zocalo. The concept was only submitted for a competition so there have been no plans to actually build it. Some people have already expressed their concerns regarding construction waste, plumbing, rain drainage and if it’s even practical and realistic to build an underground skyscraper.

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