A Multicharger That’s Both Stylish & Functional [Pics]

A Multicharger That’s Both Stylish & Functional [Pics]
Design & Architecture

The OXO Multicharger keeps your devices charged in a sleek and convenient station.

Yi Chen
  • 31 october 2011

The OXO Multicharger allows you to charge three devices simultaneously in a sleek portable station. The devices are placed on a soft ribbed surface to protect them from scratches and prevent them from slipping. The power cords are neatly hidden inside the stainless steel box and the internal cord pockets keep the cords neatly separated and tangle-free.

The OXO Multicharger is available online for a retail price of $39.99. Its minimalistic design and well-thought out features make it a convenient and useful device for any gadget enthusiasts.

OXO Multicharger


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