Activate Drinks Site Makes Scrolling More Fun

Activate Drinks Site Makes Scrolling More Fun

New digital presence includes free-flowing website that encourages consumers to explore all aspects of the product.

Emma Hutchings
  • 4 october 2011

Big Spaceship have updated the Activate Drinks website, creating a more interesting experience for consumers who visit. Once they’ve landed on the site, they’ll see a bottle’s cap and will be prompted to scroll down the page to activate it. A vertical animation sequence then shows the cap twisting and as the user moves through each section, there is a flow of vitamins and water that changes color as you explore the content. Here’s how Big Spaceship describes the redesign:

We began our ongoing relationship with the brand by crafting a digital foundation that mirrors their innovative personality, while visually showcasing the power of fresh vitamins. ACTIVATE represents more than just a drink–it’s an action, a transition, and ultimately, a moment. Tasked with creating a digital presence to update the brand’s image, we created a free-flowing site that encouraged consumers to explore the product for themselves. Ultimately, ACTIVATE’s new digital presence showcases the brand’s unique personality and affinity for innovation—and the possibilities that come with a turn for the better.

Activate Drinks Site Makes Scrolling More Fun

Big Spaceship

Activate Drinks

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