App Makes It Possible For The Blind To Type On A Touchscreen Tablet

App Makes It Possible For The Blind To Type On A Touchscreen Tablet

A Stanford undergraduate has created an app that allows blind people to type Braille on devices like the iPad.

Yi Chen
  • 14 october 2011

An app has been developed that would allow the visually impaired to type Braille using an ordinary touchscreen tablet. The user will be able to use an on-screen virtual Braille keyboard where the keys automatically find the fingerprints, rather than the other way around. The program will also be able to convert the pages of Braille into readable text.

Currently there are specialized laptops made for blind people that is capable of doing the same task, but can cost more than $6,000. A touchscreen tablet with the app is a much cheaper alternative that often costs ten times less.

The Braille writer app was created by a Standford undergraduate Adam Duran with the assistance of his mentors Adrian Lew, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering, and Sohan Dharmaraja, a doctoral candidate at Stanford studying computational mathematics.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Braille app and see how it works.


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