Artists Visit Occupy Boston To Help Them Make Signs

Artists Visit Occupy Boston To Help Them Make Signs

Steve Lambert and Josh Luke of Best Dressed Signs helped Occupy Boston improve their image with some visually pleasing and humorous signs.

Dylan Schenker
  • 11 october 2011

Recently, artist and provocateur Steve Lambert visited Occupy Boston with Josh Luke of Best Dressed Signs to help improve the movements signage. Although the the movement is now national and even global it is still garnering criticism for its lack of legitimacy. However, occupations such as New York’s own as well as Boston’s have become fairly well organized especially in terms of setting up tents and allocating jobs for things such as Media, Info and Legal.

Occupy Boston Sign

Lambert and Luke not only supplemented the legitimacy of the movement through the contribution of visually pleasing signs but also added some much needed levity and humor as well. They remind the protesters that as serious as their cause is they need to have fun as well. All the signs were hand painted on the sight of the protest.

Occupy Boston Sign

Steve Lambert is perhaps best known for his “New York Times: Special Edition” as well as his interventionist project, Add-Art, that replaced ads online with art work.

Steve Lambert

Best Dressed Signs

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