Blurry Photos Might Be A Thing Of The Past


Adobe Photoshop showcased a new feature that can analyze motion blur in a photo and automatically sharpen it.

Yi Chen
  • 13 october 2011

Blurry photos usually occur when you don’t have a steady hand or the camera is in a shaky position. Although current post-production photo programs can help sharpen the image, the results are often unimpressive. However, in an upcoming version of Adobe’s Photoshop, blurry pictures are quickly analyzed and automatically sharpened to produce print-worthy photos. The program can detect how your camera moved (such as slightly to the left, or dropped down a bit) and correct that movement. The amazing results could eliminate blurry pictures in the future.

The new Photoshop feature was demonstrated at the recent Adobe MAX 2011 conference. At this stage, there has been no confirmation on when the feature will actually be released. The de-blurring function will only work on images with motion blur due to movement, rather than ones that are out of focus due to the camera lens.

Watch the video below to see how this new feature will work.

Adobe Photoshop


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