Brooklyn-Based Artist Uses Her Skin Condition To Capture Unique Photographs [Pics]

Brooklyn-Based Artist Uses Her Skin Condition To Capture Unique Photographs [Pics]
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Ariana Page Russell creates patterns on her body and takes pictures of the irritated areas.

Emma Hutchings
  • 10 october 2011

Ariana Page Russell is a Brooklyn-based artist and photographer who creates extraordinary images using her sensitive skin by making patterns over her body and taking photos of the resulting irritation that occurs. Her latest exhibition, Blouse, is appearing at the MagnanMetz Gallery in New York from October 21st until November 19th.

Russell’s recent work continues to explore the possibilities of flesh, using her skin as both source material and an entry to go deeper into the body and its emotions… Russell has dermatographia, a condition in which her immune system exhibits hypersensitivity through the skin, causing painless, temporary welts that emerge when lightly scratched. The symptoms of dermatographia create a drama that plays on the skin, allowing Russell to address the aftermath of bodily contact.

Ariana Page Russell


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