College Students Make New Connections With Yapik

College Students Make New Connections With Yapik

Net Element launched a pilot social networking site that helps college students find what they need within their campuses.

Anna Brillon
  • 5 october 2011

To help enrich the college experience, global business service provider Net Element has launched a new mobile app called Yapik. Simply put, Yapik creates a virtual venue for college students to connect with fellow coeds — whether they are buying or selling items, offering tutorial services, or simply looking to make new friends — the app does that and more. A college student registers using his university email address, and the app locates items for sale or barter in or around his vicinity.

Yapik is intended to help the young university crowd find things they need, such as old books, cellular phones, even dorm room furniture. Yapik can create campus connections to let students have a rich and productive college life. As of September, a pilot test launch was done in three universities in Florida. By July 2012, the team behind Yapik hopes that the app becomes available nationwide.


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