In light of the recent economic downturn, people are looking for ways to get the most out of their neighborhood to cut back on travel costs.

Staying close to home brings us closer to family, friends and community, but we can only take so much of our Auntie’s meatloaf and cyclical stories. Not quite out of the doldrums of the economic recovery, we are looking for a new refrain to add to the Staycation. Technology is helping redefine and connect our communities to give us a new perspective of how we can utilize local in a way that enhances both travel and Staycation experiences.

People dinning in to save money can use the Housebites service, which taps into local communities for fresh food delivered to your door from professionals and foodies in your neighborhood. These minor luxuries have the added benefit of being spent locally and are turning the mundane into the magical. Housebites is an excellent example of people connecting and sharing locally, driven both by the need for deeper connection with the community and desire to spend less. As purse strings remain tight, travelers are looking for a cost sensitive break that helps recharge. Community based travel sites like Couchsurfing and Airbnb leverage the insights of locals to showcase their hometowns to travelers. Slowly, premium services are being added to these relatively low cost travel alternatives. Airbnb recently launched a concierge service for customers, highlighting services that locals use. Whether spending $500 a night or cozying up on the love seat, travelers are focusing less on where they stay, and more on how they can create unique experiences.

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