CScout Japan: Good Design Award 2011

CScout Japan: Good Design Award 2011
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The best Japanese design from toys to tools.

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 21 october 2011

Renowned for bringing together not only the best in design but also those that are functionally outstanding, the 2011 Good Design Awards Exhibition is currently displaying the finalists for this years coveted prize. From children’s play things to industrial tools, vending machines to fireworks the exhibition represents the best of what the Good Design Awards have come to stand for in its 30 year history.

This year judges have been given the (rather ambiguous) phrase “To be reasonable” to help them in deciding the winning products that are striking in design but enhance peoples lifestyles at the same time. Amongst the designs on display that the public can vote for are the playful “15.0% Ice Cream Spoons” from Lemnos and Terada Design Architects. The simple and clean design is made from aluminum which has a “high thermal conductivity” meaning the body temperature of the users hand, “slowly melts the ice cream making it easier to scoop”.

Also on display was STAMP iT from D-Bros. whose shop in Tokyo is set up around a large central table where customers can create personalized stationary, cards, bags, iphone covers and a whole range of other things. Almost antique in their look it is a nice twist on the modern day mass produced market that we are used to.

Another playful item that is nominated comes from Jakuetsu and is titled “Omochi”, meaning a Japanese rice cake. The children’s play thing is shaped according to its namesake and is designed for young toddlers to clamber all over it from all angles

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Written By: Darrell Nelson
Reprinted with kind permission from CScout Japan

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