David Hockney’s Digital Paintings Created On The iPad

David Hockney’s Digital Paintings Created On The iPad

'Me Draw on iPad' exhibition displayed the works he drew using the 'Brushes' app.

Emma Hutchings
  • 14 october 2011

British artist David Hockney‘s recent exhibition at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art includes hundreds of drawings he created using the inexensive app ‘Brushes’ for the iPhone and iPad.

In the past few years, Hockney has created over 400 drawings, first with his finger on the iPhone and later on his iPad using a stylus. These range from portraits and self-portraits to landscapes and still lives.

David Hockney's Digital Paintings Created On The iPad

The ‘Me Draw on iPad‘ exhibition displays his works using a slideshow feature on 20 iPod Touches and 20 iPads. There is also a large triptych show directed by Hockney, which includes additional works, and several projections that showcase footage of his process with start-to-finish animations. This video clip shows Hockney sitting in the Louisiana Café drawing on his iPad for the exhibition:

Photos by designboom

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