Morinaga takes stuffy old-style designs and pixelates them, creating a unique and inspiring look that's fun and fresh.

Fashion and design have gone digitally back in time at the Anrealage Shop in Harajuku, Tokyo. Ideas like this make us wonder, what are the best sources for inspiration? Past or present (or future)? Weird or classic? Sophisticated and elegant, or childish and playful? Entertainment or art? How about a combination of everything?

Morinaga achieves this combination with designs that give a nod to the childish and playful by reminding one of games like Pac-Man and Tetris, but also fuse odd and classic elements as he uses almost stuffy floral designs and boring varsity jacket looks that, when funneled through 8-bit interpretation, produce something fresh and bold, bringing a trendy edge even to the oriental rug in his shop.

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