Ed Cotton: Understanding The Facebook Dislike

Ed Cotton: Understanding The Facebook Dislike

Why do people 'unlike' brands they have 'liked' on Facebook?

Ed Cotton, BSSP
  • 13 october 2011

Marketers are just getting to grips with the reality of Facebook’s power and are obviously eager to capitalize on it. However, the bigger it gets the harder it seems to go beyond eyeballs to develop something meaningful in terms of a deeper relationship with consumers.

It’s very easy for consumers to “like” a brand, but the meaning and value of a “like” is debatable, we are well over a year in from Facebook’s decision to shift from fans to “likes” and its clear that it’s a much lower bar. A “like” is good to get your numbers up, but bad for the quality and value of those individuals. has done some research to understand why people who had given a “like” to brands, reverse their opinion. Clearly, the data is very general, but it shows the myriad of reasons why consumers change their mind about brands and therefore a number of opportunities for brands to fail with their Facebook strategy.

Over-eagerness and posting too often is clearly a problem, as is not having relevant or entertaining content, note the double-edge sword of deals (some people want more, others find them too promotional) and even being too human turns some people off.

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Ed Cotton is the Director of Strategy at BSSP, and is curious about all things relating to brands, marketing and culture. Read more at influx insights.

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