Firebird X Is The Guitar For Rock Gods And Tech Geeks

Firebird X Is The Guitar For Rock Gods And Tech Geeks

This limited-edition instrument can sync with the iPhone and even tune its own pegs.

Anna Brillon
  • 5 october 2011

Since the introduction of the first Gibson Firebird model in 1963, there have been several modifications to its style over the years. The latest release, however, is one that merges the love of music with the power of technology.

On September 30, Gibson released a limited edition Firebird X, which may also be called the guitar of the future. One of the best features of the Firebird X is that it can automatically tune itself. Plus, there is no need for plugging into foot pedals, as this guitar can connect via Bluetooth. On top of that, there is included software in the package that gives the player more freedom in customizing the guitar’s sounds. Only 1,800 units of the Firebird X will be made by Gibson, and each is reported to cost $5,570.


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