Foursquare Hack ‘Intersquares’ Shows You Where You’ve Checked-In With Friends

Foursquare Hack ‘Intersquares’ Shows You Where You’ve Checked-In With Friends

Find out the places you've been with other users by connecting this app to your account.

Emma Hutchings
  • 4 october 2011

Google engineer Mihai Parparita recently took part in the Foursquare Global Hackathon in San Francisco, where he put together Intersquares, an app for comparing users’ check-in history to see which places they have been together.

Foursquare Hack 'Intersquares' Shows You Where You've Checked-In With Friends

To use the app, users need to connect their Foursquare account and send a link to the person they want to compare check-ins with. Once they’ve clicked the link, the app generates a list of their shared check-ins including all the dates, locations and times. It was created as a way to relive memories, find close calls, or if you’ve just met someone you can see where your paths have crossed before.

Intersquares was picked as a grand prize finalist in the hackathon, chosen from over 90 entries by Foursquare employees and online votes. This video demo shows the app in action:


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