Frito Lay Electric Delivery Truck Spotted In NYC

Frito Lay Electric Delivery Truck Spotted In NYC

Frito Lay promotes '100% powered by electricity' message on their Newton truck made by Smith Electric Vehicle.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 27 october 2011

Cube delivery trucks can be seen and especially heard everywhere around New York City. We spotted this interesting looking Frito Lay truck near Union Square and closer inspection revealed it is electrically powered. Manufactured by Kansas City based Smith Electric Vehicles, the Newton is the largest plug-in battery-electric powered commercial truck made. This vehicle makes a lot of sense for NYC where the length of trips are short and the Newton produces no emissions and very little noise. It is interesting to see that Frito-Lay applied graphics to the vehicle which speak about it being electric rather than use the space to promote their own products.


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