GM And RelayRides Team Up For Car Sharing

GM And RelayRides Team Up For Car Sharing

OnStar subscribers who use the service won't have to install the usual hardware, they can use a mobile app instead.

Emma Hutchings
  • 6 october 2011

Auto manufacturer General Motors and car-sharing service RelayRides have announced that they are forming a partnership. Starting early next year, members who rent their vehicles using the peer-to-peer platform will be able to unlock registered  GM cars subscribed to OnStar simply by using a mobile phone app.

RelayRides lets car owners make money while they aren’t using their vehicle by renting them out to those nearby in need of a car.  Using new technology integration, RelayRides will use GM’s communication service OnStar to make it easier and more convenient to car-share. Usually, hardware is installed which unlocks the doors, controls the engine and tracks the car. But instead, the built-in OnStar service will do these once mobile access is granted.

This will save the start-up around $500 per vehicle and will mean that many new cars are pre-equipped for car sharing. GM will have a new source of revenue and will be able to reach new customers by having access to the service’s registered borrowers.


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